Lenovo Docs

Lenovo Docs enables coworkers to edit the same document
online in real time, which promotes the collaboration efficiency exponentially.

Experiencing document editing over the Cloud

Lenovo Box has introduced the new function module of Lenovo Docs which enables users to edit Office documents by opening the Cloud in browsers. Without installing the Office local software, users can enjoy efficient and easy editing.

Being equal to the Office of Microsoft, Lenovo Docs provides the common needs of document editing in enterprises.

Seamlessly linked with the Cloud, Lenovo Docs can achieve the closed loop operating over the Cloud.

Without installing the local Office, users would no longer need to pay for the legitimate office software.


Lenovo Docs has the advantages of huge compatibility and cross platform capability, Which creates a real-time co-editing platform for enterprises, permitting collaboration in various business scenarios.

Lenovo Docs provides the whole API interface documents, facilitating developers to call them right away.

Lenovo Docs can join up with other enterprise IT systems like OA, CRM and forums, achieving real-time online coediting in cross systems.

Besides the Office file formats, Lenovo Docs can also support WPS formats, covering all common editing needs.

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