Work locally Transfer globally

Lenovo’s unique multiple data centers around the globe ensures an
extremely fast file transmission while reduces the cost by 80%, provid-
ing a global collaboration as effective as face-to-face communication.

25 centers from
5 continents
in a blink
30% speedup in
Lightning transmission

More Efficient Collaboration anytime, anywhere

Diverse sharing ways to enable workspace collabo-
ration anytime, anywhere. High-efficiency work
with Instant message notifications

More than
150 authority modes
Multiple sync
Sharing Across
Multiple Devices

Lenovo Docs opening a new era of co-editing

Edit a presentation with teammates at the same time. Allow
your work efficiency increased by more than 5 times.

Online real-time Co-editing
All-round document
compatibility with Office

Providing global advanced security system

Bank-grade security     Free combination of more than 500 access modes, powerful administrative functions to support filtering by device ID and IP address

The first SaaS provider to pass
Trusted Cloud Certification(TCC)
| ISO20000 | ISO27000 | International Information Security Management
Systems Certification

Flexible Deployment for various needs

7×24 hours Always on-line for your service

7x24 services by dedicated aftersales team

Ultimate user experience created from expertise in more than 50 industries

Professional and reliable cloud services provision of a decade

China Enterprise
Cloud Storage
White Paper

3rd Party Market Research Report

A Long Standing No.1 in China Market

Lenovo Box, the corporate collaborative office leader of China,
continued to lead the market share of more than 40%

Top Choice for Industry-leading Companies

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