Lenovo Box Hybrid Cloud

Flexible and controllable, Lenovo’s deployment architecture meets the needs of internal

document collaboration and management as well as external sharing and distribution

of large files. It helps to integrate your system architecture based on businesses, thus
ensuring data safety while enhancing flexibility.

Why the Hybrid Cloud is essential?

Collection of data from different terminals can be achieved in the Hybrid Cloud while data can be stored locally for safety.

  • Confidential and classified documents should be stored in the internal servers.
    The Box can determine which data center it belongs to when employees access to a data so that the classified data will not be disclosed.
  • Coordination efficiency should be guaranteed as big files and data should be transmitted frequently with a high speed.
    The Lenovo Hybrid Cloud ensures a high speed transmission of local data, and provides preview and online editing capacities.
  • The Lenovo Hybrid cloud can meet the data distribution needs among subsidiaries as it’s business has covered all over the world.
    With its special acceleration service, the Lenovo Box can achieve fast accession to data through the 25 data centers in 5 continents.
  • Unified management of internal and external data
    By establishing internal and external data centers, the Lenovo Box can manage the data in a unified way.

A flexible storage model qualified to manage diverse data

  • Traditional Hybrid Cloud Solution / With only one storage model, the traditional solution stores data on a private node, thus incapable of internal safety management and an efficient external distribution.
  • Lenovo's Hybrid Cloud Solution / Lenovo's solution supports multiple storage models where you can select local data center for internal use, or rely on our data centers at home and abroad for external distribution and global businesses.

Quick deployment, Unified upgrade, Efficient operation and maintenance

  • A standardized procedure for easy and quick deploy
  • Unified operation, maintenance and upgrade

Globalization Service

  • Lenovo always adheres to the principle of "customer first".
  • With a huge after sales service team, Lenovo promises a 7*24 after service, dedicating to provide customers with the best experience.
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